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These images come from my logbook for ME 216A, a class on need finding and empathy. Most of these images revolve around the final project we did for Mercedes Benz vans division. For this project, we had to identify, study and interview an extreme user group that frequently interacts with vans in some capacity. My group focused on individuals living in mobile homes, and entered trailer parks and would randomly identify large vans on the street and knock on the door and start interviewing anyone who was willing to speak with us. 

From there, we began to develop frameworks through which we could identify market voids. Ultimately, we used these insights to develop visual prototypes and present actionable recommendations to the company regarding the future of mobility. 


In addition to this mobile living project, I also spent a few weeks in this course studying, interviewing and observing cosmetic nurses during surgery (my partner and I sat in on an butt implant), general patient care, and the administration of Botox and other impermanent facial procedures. We profiled their unique experiences and ultimately presented a series of setbacks these individuals encounter and potential ways to address their needs. 

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