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Jenna Wisch serves as a Product Manager at Big Human, a digital, branding and strategy agency based in New York. She previously worked in Global Product Marketing for Bobbi Brown at the Estée Lauder Companies. Jenna graduated from Stanford in 2017 with a B.S. in Product Design Engineering and a minor in History. Jenna boasts unique experience in the development of both physical and digital products, having led dozens of products to market. 


As a Product Design major, Jenna completed a plethora of mechanical engineering courses and learned to carry products from initial concept to completion of working prototypes. She worked on a variety of projects, ranging from the development of an app to unionize gig economy workers to the creation of a chair (pictured right) with various welding and machining techniques. For her senior capstone project, Jenna developed an app that facilitates independence in hygiene for individuals with developmental disabilities (click here to learn more). 


Beyond the classroom, Jenna has completed a variety of projects in marketing, branding, user research, need-finding, and design.  Jenna spent two years as an associate and board member of Stanford Marketing, through which she completed (and ultimately led) projects with The Giving Keys, Nike Running and Juice Press. She loves television, film and theater and has pursued this interest in the classroom, onstage as an actor, and in the industry as an intern at The Weinstein Company and NBCUniversal. 


Hailing from New York City, Jenna is extremely passionate about health and fitness, design, and working with children. Jenna currently serves as a volunteer at Mt. Sinai Children's Hospital 4 hours per week. She spent the last five years volunteering with the Kids With Dreams organization, a group dedicated to bettering the lives of individuals with special needs. Jenna is a fitness junky and received her barre teacher certification in 2017. In her free time, Jenna loves working out, reading, drawing, and singing along to the scores of her favorite musicals. 

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